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If you are tired of the hotel experience and looking for something different, Airbnb has offered an alternative. You can stay in unique dwellings in your destination and experience settings that everyday patrons of the area experience.

But there are plenty of Airbnb horror stories. So, what can you do to avoid those awkward experiences and have a positive time? Here are a few basic tips before renting an Airbnb.

Research the Location

You can’t get the exact address until you have confirmed your booking, but you can look up a map of the general area. Take a look at what is in the area from restaurants to attractions to public transit and any other aspect that will hold importance to you.

Moreover, check out things such as the crime rate in the area. The last thing you want is to rent an Airbnb in a less than desirable area and have to worry about the safety of both yourself and your valuables during your stay.

Amenities Matter

The biggest difference between Airbnb and a hotel is in the amenities. In a hotel, you are getting the same standard stuff, for the most part. That is not the case with an Airbnb. You get the amenities of that dwelling and they can vary wildly from place to place.

Check to see what the sleeping situation is like. See if there are bathrooms and showers available. If you have a pet, make sure that it is a pet-friendly dwelling. By assuming these things, you could set yourself up for an unpleasant stay.

Cancelation Policy

Things change all the time and that is normal. But the last thing you want is to cancel your Airbnb reservation only to find out that you are out of luck. Take a look at the cancelation policy beforehand. Know whether you are covered if you have a change of mind or if something comes up. No one wants to be on the hook for a stay that they can’t even use.