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Jennifer Lesser


About Jenny Lesser

Jenny Lesser is a former psychologist and professional in business and entrepreneurship, with a passion for positively affecting company culture and fostering excellence in the people around her.

With a passion for creative and strategic thinking, Jenny has built a career off of thinking outside the box in a manner that is still conducive to company growth. Jenny possesses a keen interest in the importance of out-of-office activities and how they can actually improve one’s decision-making and ability to handle situations in high-stress environments. For Jenny, business isn’t just about growing the bottom line, but about helping take dreams and aspirations and turn them into reality. “The real fuel to the fire for me is found in the opportunity to take something ethereal and turn it into something tangible, beautiful, and worthwhile.”

With this in mind, Jenny Lesser has made it a point to travel, and not just in her own backyard of the United States, but across the globe, as well. “For me, travel is an excellent way to expand my horizons, meet new, inspiring people and have a great time doing it!”

As Jenny Lesser has grown in her career, she is, more and more, finding importance in the ability to give back. Her recent passion for blogging stems more from this than anything related to wanting to show pictures of her recent travels. In fact, you won’t be getting much of that here, at all. Instead, Jenny wants to take her know-how and, just as she does in business, turn it into tangible advice that can prove practical in the lives of those looking to assimilate it into their own adventures and outings.

In her spare time, Jenny enjoys reading and writing, and is passionate and staying up to date with the latest in business, entrepreneurship, psychology, travel, and lifestyle.

To stay up to date on Jenny’s go-to travel tips, check back here monthly for the latest, and for even more on Jenny Lesser, be sure to follow her online for the latest insights and updates!