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Camping is a fun pastime that many people dream of with fondness. So it may not come as a surprise to hear that camping comes with several benefits – beyond the opportunity to get out and enjoy the outdoors – that is.

Taking the time to go camping has many positive benefits, ones that cannot be overstated.

Take a Step Away From Stress

One of the most significant advantages of going camping is the opportunity to take a step back. Taking this step removes one from the general business of day-to-day life and helps reduce stress.

Stress is a cause for genuine concern in this country, so anything we can do to help bring it back down to a manageable level is vital. If it happens to come with a bonus of fresh air and s’mores, we’re unlikely to complain about that.

Making Some ‘You Time’

Packing up your tent and camping supplies is a great way to force in some ‘you time.’ When there’s no ringing phone and no distractions, you are allowing yourself to decompress. 

Solitude is an underrated activity in today’s society, but it is beneficial in developing positive psychological patterns, according to California State Polytechnic University’s Jack Fong.

Improve Your Mood

Camping can often feel addictive – as there’s this driving force to get back out there and enjoy the wild. Why is that? It’s likely due to the significant mood changes that just a few days out in the wilderness can bring with it.

Camping causes positive mood swings. Even just two to three days is enough to cause a cheerful bloom in mental health and perspective. It levels out the melatonin in your body, which helps to reset your overall chemical balance. All of which is a positive thing.

More Sunshine

We all know the positive effects of getting more sun – assuming you take precautions to avoid things such as sunburns. That influx of Vitamin D can do wonders, and yet society as a whole isn’t that great about making sure we get enough. At least, not during the work weeks.

By going camping, you’re creating more time to spend outdoors, and thus under the sun. It’s yet another way that camping benefits your mind and body.

Educational Experiences

Don’t forget all of the educational experiences that can come with camping. The great outdoors is vastly different from city life or technological life. Giving ourselves – and our children – the opportunity to stop and learn is vital.

Building Relationships

Depending on your experience with camping, the thought of building relationships while living in a tent may be hard to believe. But it is true. Camping helps to strengthen relationships, both for family and friends. Suddenly there are so many more opportunities to talk, with fewer distractions than ever. 


Last but not least, camping provides more opportunities to get exercise. Better yet, it’s exercise outside! That’s a win-win right there. There are many elements of camping that require more physical activity than usual. 

Hiking is an everyday activity related to camping, but even the basics can be included here, such as setting up a tent, finding firewood, and preparing dinner. It all takes a bit more work than usual, and our bodies appreciate that.