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Traveling around the world would be a dream trip for many, but most people would be surprised at how attainable this dream can be with some preparation, flexibility, and creativity. Planning for this trip should begin well before the trip starts. Will the trip be funded with savings, freelance jobs, travel jobs, or earnings from passive income? Is travel included as part of a current job or organization? Telling family and friends is a great way to both keep motivated and focused while preparing for the trip of a lifetime.


The “Why”

First, what’s the purpose of this trip? Is it a bucket list item or even a bucket list trip? Is there a passion project or purpose associated with it like volunteering, exploring major landmarks, extreme sports, or fundraising? Maybe it’s to taste authentic food and beer from every country. Whatever it is, knowing “why” will help in navigating travel plans. Use the why to figure out the most important stops on the trip to help determine the best route to take, but don’t over plan. Leave room for exploring hidden gems often not found in travel guides, but well known to locals.



Get prepared for long-term travel by deciding what’s the budget, style of travel, and necessary documentation for each stop on the trip. Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia are way cheaper than Western Europe and Australia. Keep in mind the cost of living when deciding the duration of each stop. Personal budgets and needs often dictate the style of travel. Will it be luxury hotels and resorts, budget hostels and Airbnbs, or a mix of both?

I highly recommend getting a full medical check-up before leaving and good travel insurance. Check visas, passports, and flight requirements for smooth travel. However, make sure to bring along a good book and battery pack for the inevitable delays.


Get Started

The best advice for long-term travel planning comes from those who have already done it. Learn from successful travelers about tips and tricks to make travel easier. A thorough resource to check out when getting started is the common wanderer’s “Ultimate Guide to Long Term Travel Planning” to make this dream trip a reality.